CM Punk made surprise appearance backstage at WWE’s RAW event on April 24th, 2023 in Chicago. While the details of the visit were initially unclear, new reports have emerged shedding light on Punk’s brief interaction with WWE officials.

According PWInsider, Punk approached Triple H and asked if it was okay for him to visit and if they could speak for just two minutes. Triple H reportedly agreed but had to confirm with Vince McMahon first, who is the CEO and Chairman of WWE. The interaction lasted for only one to two minutes and took place in an open area. There was no closed-door meeting or secret conversation, as some fans had speculated.

“We are told by someone who saw the interaction that the two shook hands and Punk asked if it was OK that he visit and if Levesque had time, could they speak for two minutes. Levesque allegedly said he had to make sure with the ‘big guy’ it was OK, obviously a reference to Vince McMahon. It was perhaps a one to two minute interaction, if even that.”

While the purpose of Punk’s visit is still unclear, it’s worth noting that he is still under contract with AEW, rival promotion to WWE. One source described Punk’s contract with AEW as “lengthy,” suggesting that he is committed to staying with the company for the long term.


Punk’s appearance at a WWE event has naturally sparked rumors and speculation among fans, many of whom are wondering if he has any plans to return to the company. However, at this point, there is no indication that Punk has any intention of leaving AEW or returning to WWE. While it’s always possible that things could change in the future, it seems unlikely that Punk’s brief visit to RAW is a sign of anything more than a friendly visit with some former colleagues.

It’s also worth noting that Punk was in Florida over the weekend, where he was doing commentary work for the MMA promotion Cage Fury Fighting Championships. It’s believed that Punk was on the same flight as some WWE talent who were also traveling to Chicago for the RAW event. This may have been what prompted Punk to visit the event and catch up with some old friends.

Punk left WWE in 2014 after becoming disillusioned with the company and the professional wrestling industry as a whole. He signed with AEW in 2019, marking his return to the world of professional wrestling after a five-year hiatus. Since then, he has become a major star in the company, feuding with top talents and headlining major events before being sidelined with an injury that has kept him off television as of late.

While it’s unclear what prompted his visit or what was discussed during his interaction with Triple H, it seems unlikely that he will be leaving AEW or returning to WWE anytime soon.

What do you think was the reason for CM Punk’s visit to WWE backstage during RAW? Do you think it was just a friendly visit or do you think there might be something more to it? Leave a comment.

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