Former WWE Superstar Karlee Perez, known as Maxine during her time with the company, recently spoke about her experience working with Roman Reigns and Sheamus before they made it to the main roster.

Perez was part of the Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT developmental systems between 2009 and 2012, alongside Reigns and Sheamus, who were part of a group of talented wrestlers who would go on to achieve major success on RAW and SmackDown.

While speaking to Hannibal TV, Perez shared positive memories of working with both wrestlers and mentioned both Roman and Sheamus were nice guys.

“Roman was always a nice guy. He was always fun to work with. We literally came up together in FCW. He was a solid guy. He has a great look, and I knew he was gonna do great things in the company, which he has. Sheamus was massively talented and still is a sweetheart, and [the] same goes for him. Nobody’s really quite like Sheamus. It was a solid crew of talent at that time.”


Perez’s praise for Reigns and Sheamus is not surprising, given their respective achievements in WWE.

Reigns, who debuted on the main roster in 2012, has won multiple world championships and is currently considered the face of the company. Sheamus, who made his main roster debut in 2009, is also a multi-time world champion and has been a consistent presence on WWE programming for over a decade.

What are your thoughts on Karlee Perez’s comments about working with Roman Reigns and Sheamus during their time in FCW/NXT? Leave a comment.

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