Former WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel has recently found work backstage at AEW, assisting with the company’s live events and some television tapings. Chimel discussed his new gig and compared the schedules between WWE and AEW on a recent episode of the “Monday Mailbag” podcast with fellow former WWE name Mike Chioda.

Chimel expressed his admiration for AEW, stating that “it’s a great place to work, and I love going there.” He added that he helps out with the AEW Dark and ROH television tapings in Orlando, which are taped once a month.

“It’s a great place to work, and I love going there. I do it maybe a couple times a month or something. Tony Khan and that whole place is a great place to work for, and they’ve got a bunch of nice people, and a good product I think.”

Comparing the schedules between the two companies, Chimel pointed out how much better the reduced schedule by not having to work 25 days per month.


“One of the great parts about it is, you know, I’m not on the road 20, 25 days a month. I can still actually get a little taste of it and not be away all that time.” Chimel’s AEW schedule has him wondering how he managed to adhere to the WWE schedule when he was there, though the company seems to be lightening the schedule with fewer house shows in recent years.

Chimel began his career with WWE as a ring technician before becoming an announcer in 1991, eventually rising up to become the voice of “WWE SmackDown.” However, he was released by WWE in 2020. With his new role at AEW, Chimel is continuing his long-standing career in the professional wrestling industry.

What do you think about Tony Chimel’s transition from WWE to AEW? Do you believe that AEW’s reduced schedule provides better working conditions for employees than WWE’s demanding schedule? Leave a comment.

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