Twitter purged their users of blue verification checkmarks all over. That being said, some people didn’t lose their blue checkmarks for long at all.

Verified Twitter users all lost their blue verification badges on Friday. This caused a ton of memes all over, and scammers started to have a field day. Naturally, a lot of fans missed seeing those blue checkmarks to make sure that they were following the right people.

Saraya alerted her fans that she did not pay for her checkmark. It is back, though, and she also posted proof that she didn’t pay $8 for it.

Wait they gave me my checkmark back but I didn’t subscribe?? Thank you but… Now I feel kinda embarrassed. Ew people gonna think I paid for this


Booker T got his blue checkmark back as well. It seems that anyone over 1 million followers got their blue checkmarks back, but it’s hard to tell if that’s across the board right now.

Lance Storm made a very interesting point about Twitter. He proposed that Elon Musk might have an even bigger idea going on behind this blue checkmark fiasco.

People getting their blue checks back without subscribing. Did Elon realize no one was subscribing, so he gave some people back their checks, in a sly way of making them unwittingly endorse the subscription service to make it seem cool and not as shameful.

We’ll have to see what happens next for the blue verification checkmarks. It is certainly an interesting time to work at Twitter, or even use the platform.

What’s your take on Twitter’s blue verification badges? Sound off in the comments!

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