Hit Row made a surprising return to WWE on the August 12, 2022 episode of SmackDown. Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis, Top Dolla, and B-Fab were released from WWE in November 2021, following their debut as a stable earlier in the year.

While Swerve Strickland, who was also part of the stable, signed with AEW upon becoming a free agent, the rest of Hit Row pursued other opportunities. However, the trio had kept in touch with Triple H and had conversations with him even after their release.

While speaking with Wrassle Rap, Adonis revealed that he sent Triple H a message expressing how he felt, to which Triple H responded and they had a conversation.

“I was feeling some type of way and the day after SummerSlam, I was like, ‘I’m just going to text Hunter [Triple H] and say what’s up and tell him how I feel.’ I literally sent him a book, a whole message, just telling him how I felt. He got back to me the next morning and was like, ‘Let’s talk soon


Similarly, Top Dolla said that he and Triple H stayed in touch and had occasional conversations.

“Me and Hunter never stopped talking, even after we got released. We would always text once in a while, we’re not like best friends, but we would text once in a while. Just like Ashante, I’m watching SummerSlam and I see IYO (SKY) and Dakota (Kai) come back and I was like, ‘that’s so cool that they get to come back. I wonder if they want to bring Hit Row back.’ In my mind, I’m thinking that, but in my mind, ‘he’s probably got a long list of other people they want to bring back.’ He did, obviously, have a long list of people he wanted to bring back. I’m thinking, if he brings us back, it would be two, three, six months from now. After SummerSlam, he texts me like two days later. ‘Do you have anything right now? When can I have you?’ ‘Tomorrow, if you want.’ The next couple of days, we had a Skype call with all three of us and a week later, we re-debuted.”

Following SummerSlam, Triple H reached out to the trio and arranged for their return to WWE. They made their re-debut a week later and were immediately inserted back into the tag team picture on SmackDown. They earned a shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles, which are currently held by the Usos.

However, since their return, Hit Row has not been used consistently on television. Ringside News reached out to WWE to ask about the group’s status, and they were told that “nothing happened to Hit Row.” The company views the trio as valuable talent but does not necessarily view them as top stars. Therefore, they may not appear on television every week but are still being booked as intended.

Overall, it remains to be seen how WWE will continue to use Hit Row in the future.

What do you think about Hit Row’s return to WWE and their current status within the company? Do you think they have the potential to become top stars? Leave a comment.

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