In March, it was reported that there were negotiations between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery to add another AEW show to the schedule. It seems that the deal is now close to being finalized, and rumors are circulating that the new show will air on Saturdays.

There is also speculation that the Saturday show will feature CM Punk, who is rumored to be joining AEW. According to Dave Meltzer of, Punk is expected to make his debut on June 17th, 2023, at the United Center in Chicago. The new weekly show is reportedly going to be called Collision, as per a recent trademark filing.

Meltzer revealed that the decision to bring back Punk was made a few weeks ago. However, there was a snag in the negotiations two weeks ago, which seems to have been resolved. Meltzer stated that Punk was considered to be a vital part of the deal, and that Warner Bros. Discovery wanted him to be the star of the Saturday show. However, other people were told differently.

Meltzer went on to explain that the deal between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery could be a significant financial boost for AEW. If the new show generates the same amount of revenue as Discovery’s first-run programming, which is around $500,000 per hour, AEW could earn $52 million per year. This would be a game-changing deal for AEW.


“If AEW only makes what Discovery has been paying for first run shows as a general rule ($500,000 per hour in general is what Discovery pays for first-run programming), that’s $52 million per year and that’s a game changing financial deal for AEW.”

Although the deal for AEW’s new show is not yet finalized, an official announcement is expected soon. The fact that the United Center has already been booked suggests that plans are progressing well, and fans are eagerly awaiting news of the new show.

Do you think this will be a game-changing deal for AEW, and what are your predictions for the show? Leave a comment.

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