AEW has a few appealing draws on their roster, but MJF’s viewership numbers don’t lie. His segments always contain fire and biting lines. Even though the themes might repeat themselves, the entertainment value is still there. The Salt of the Earth is very aware of that as well.

MJF is AEW World Champion, and he has a prime spot on every week’s episode of Dynamite. Sometimes, MJF is featured multiple times a night, but he is always given a spotlight as long as he’s there. Although some fans might not appreciate that fact, there is little they can do about his undeniable talent.

Sean Sapp of Fightful recently brought up Eminem’s group D12 during an interview with MJF. He made a joke about their song “My Band.” MJF had never heard of D12, but he still equated Eminem’s role in that rap group to his position on the AEW roster.

Why would they [know the other members of the band] because nobody cares about the rest, Eminem’s the lead singer of the band. That’s why when people get upset that MJF is all over the f*cking show, get over it, I’m the lead singer of the band. Nobody’s tuning in to AEW to watch anyone else.


Eminem’s group is long disbanded, and that’s another story to tell. MJF’s reign as top of the AEW locker room will carry on, and he’s not shy about letting everyone know just how much of a draw he really is.

MJF’s AEW contract status remains a mystery, as talks of the “bidding war of 2024” have somewhat died down. Only time will tell if MJF ends up taking his services elsewhere to be the leader of a much larger band in WWE.

What’s your take on MJF on the AEW roster? Is he the biggest draw that the company has to offer? Sound off in the comments!

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