WWE and ESPN have had a working relationship off and on for years now, and it seems like the two companies could be working on new projects in the near future. Following the announcement that Endeavor will acquire WWE, the plan is for WWE and the UFC to form a new company later this year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ESPN licensed old WrestleMania events to fill air time. They most recently sent Daniel Cormier to do interviews over WrestleMania 39 weekend.

According to a report from PWInsider Elite, there have been renewed discussions between WWE and ESPN about a working relationship. They were told that there are currently no discussions around a weekly TV series. The two sides are still working out what projects they could work on together, and they are still in early talks.

The report noted that another promotion had been in talks with ESPN as of late, but that has yet to be confirmed, although it was stated to not be AEW.


There has been speculation that WWE will lean towards getting their programming in as many potential places as possible. Currently, Raw and NXT air on the USA Network, while SmackDown airs on FOX.

Given that WWE has a rich library of content that ESPN could potentially use, the two companies working together could be beneficial for both parties. Additionally, WWE has been looking to expand its reach and get its content in front of as many viewers as possible. A partnership with ESPN could help them achieve that goal.

It remains to be seen what projects WWE and ESPN will ultimately work on together, but fans can certainly expect some exciting announcements in the coming months.

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