AEW President Tony Khan is very passionate about pro wrestling and that is without question. Despite this, Khan has made quite a few questionable booking decisions in the last year that have puzzled fans. Khan also doesn’t have the best relationship with Eric Bischoff, but that doesn’t mean Bischoff won’t comment on anything Khan does. Bischoff even recently stated that Tony Khan is easy to make fun of.

As many people are aware by now, Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff do not necessarily have the best of relationships. The two had a falling out back in 2021 and it has seen a lot of ups and downs. That being said, Eric Bischoff seems to have mellowed down as far as his opinion about Khan is concerned.

Eric Bischoff used to run WCW and is well aware of the hardships his position entailed. AEW President Tony Khan is in a similar position and it appears Eric Bischoff actually empathizes with Khan now.

While speaking to Riju Dasgupta, Eric Bischoff empathized with Tony Khan’s struggles to run AEW. That being said, Bischoff also stated that Tony Khan is very easy to make fun of.


“I would’ve made fun of Tony in other ways that would’ve been much more entertaining ’cause Tony’s easy to make fun of! He is a bizarre character, but he’s a very, very smart guy. He’s very passionate. I think he’s learning on the job, and I understand that! I have empathy for that, I did too. Just like I made a lot of mistakes along the way, so is Tony. And that’s part of growing and becoming a more seasoned executive.”

Eric Bischoff had previously slammed Tony Khan for acting like petulant child. However, now it seems Bischoff seems to have a better opinion of Khan. Regardless, we wonder whether Bischoff and Khan will be able to mend fences in the future.

What’s your take on what Eric Bischoff said? Do you think Tony Khan is easy to make fun of? Sound off in the comments!

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