Sting made surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite during a segment with MJF and Darby Allin. The segment began with MJF taunting Allin, claiming that Sting was Allin’s “father.” Allin denied the claim, stating that Sting was his best friend in the company.

Sting then appeared and delivered a passionate speech, stating that “showtime” is almost over for him, but it’s just beginning for Darby. He promised that Darby will become World Champion, and added that he’s Darby’s cheerleader, just as Ric Flair was for him. Sting also mentioned Cody Rhodes as MJF’s cheerleader when he was in AEW and namedropped other wrestlers he worked with, such as Kevin Nash and the late Scott Hall.

The segment ended with MJF spitting in Darby’s face before leaving the ring. Prior to the segment, Darby had defeated Swerve Strickland in the opening match of the night.

Sting’s appearance on AEW Dynamite was a surprise for fans, but it’s not uncommon for the wrestling legend to make appearances on the show. Sting has been an integral part of AEW since his debut in December 2020, and his appearances have helped to establish him as a mentor and role model for younger wrestlers like Darby Allin.


What do you think of Sting’s recent appearance on AEW Dynamite, and how do you feel about his role as a mentor and cheerleader for younger wrestlers like Darby Allin? Leave a comment.

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