WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart has done a lot for the pro wrestling industry, but that does not mean fans agree with his opinion regarding the current pro wrestling product. Hart is outspoken for many reasons and fans only get irritated when he used to share such opinions. It appears that Bret Hart is not a fan of Jon Moxley’s current wrestling style and even advised fans to turn off all his matches.

The Purveyor of Violence aptly lives up to his moniker, as he usually dons a crimson mask during his matches. However, this particular style hasn’t been well-received by a significant portion of his fanbase and even pro wrestlers for that matter.

In fact, the former AEW World Champion was called out for bleeding too much during his matches. Even then, Jon Moxley previously made it clear that he likes stabbing people with sharp objects.

While speaking with HN Live, Bret Hart was asked about the current state of wrestling. Bret Hart made it clear he is not a fan of modern-day pro wrestling and used Jon Moxley to prove his point. Bret Hart then advised fans to turn off any matches that feature Jon Moxley.


“AEW has kind of gone in a bad direction, I think, with all the violence and gore. I watched some episodes. You know, I watched Marta Hart do her big press conference for AEW here in Calgary. I’m watching AEW, and I’m watching, who used to be Dean Ambrose, sticking a fork in somebody’s head for like five minutes with a close up on TV.

This isn’t wrestling either. I would recommend turning all that off. I don’t watch that stuff anymore. It’s not very good. Wrestling is going in some bad directions because people don’t know what wrestling is or wrestling was.”

Interestingly enough, Booker T believes there is room in AEW for Jon Moxley’s constant bleeding. In this instance, there might be a lot of people who will end up agreeing with what Bret Hart said. Regardless, Jon Moxley will wrestle the way he wants to and that’s unlikely to ever change.

What’s your take on what Bret Hart said? Do you think Jon Moxley needs to tone it down with all the bleeding in his matches? Sound off in the comment

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