MJF considers himself a generational talent, and he clearly has many ways to back up his claims. Maxwell is now the AEW World Champion and that further raises his stock every single week. MJF is known to say a lot of controversial things and it seems he did that once again.

The Salt Of The Earth is truly dedicated to his craft and never breaks character no matter what, whether it is inside or outside the ring. He is always willing to push the envelope for the sake of entertainment.

MJF is also known to be absolutely brutal on social media, as he frequently roasts fans and peers alike. That being said, MJF sometimes says some very alarming things that concern fans.

The AEW World Champion recently took to Twitter and stated that he would rather put a gun in his mouth than watch a wrestling show with over 9 matches. Unsurprisingly, he ended up deleting the tweet shortly afterwards after receiving backlash from fans on the popular social media platform.


I would rather put a gun in his mouth then watch a wrestling show with over 9 matches.

9 is pushing it.

MJF’s controversial statements on and off the ring have become a trademark of his persona as a professional wrestler. While he is known for pushing boundaries and entertaining fans with his brutal wit, his recent tweet about watching wrestling shows with over 9 matches was a step too far for many. Although he deleted the tweet, it still raised concerns among fans about the impact of such language on mental health.

What do you think about MJF’s recent controversial tweet about watching wrestling shows with over 9 matches? Do you think wrestlers should be more mindful what they say on social media? Leave a comment below.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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