UFC president Dana White recently gave his thoughts on the UFC-WWE merger, following the announcement that Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, has completed the majority acquisition of WWE.

While speaking at the recent UFC 287 post-fight press conference, White discussed the past relationship between UFC and WWE. Dana touched base on Ronda Rousey going to WWE, while Brock went to UFC.

“You know, we had Brock come over here, we had Ronda go over there, if that’s ever possible, if guys leave here and they love wrestling and they’re good enough to do it, before this deal we’ve been good with that.”

White gave a suggestion about how the acquisition could impact WWE, but he held back from sharing too many details.


“But what’s going to happen now is, Ari [CEO of Endeavor] is gonna add a ton of value to WWE, whether it’s sponsorships, licensing and a lot of other things that he can do when he touches the business. And these two, the UFC and WWE will become their own stock. You know, they’re talking about, I don’t know how much I can talk about this I should shut the fu*k up.”

Many have been speculating on what this acquisition could mean for the future of the UFC and WWE. While White did not provide any further details, his comments suggest that there could be more collaborations and crossovers between UFC and WWE in the future.

It remains to be seen how the acquisition will impact both companies in the long term, but it is clear that there is potential for exciting collaborations and partnerships between the two entities.

What are your thoughts on the potential for collaborations and crossovers between UFC and WWE following the acquisition of WWE by Endeavor, the parent company of UFC? Leave a comment.

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