Tank Toland, who wrestled as James D*ck in WWE, has opened up about his brief and controversial run with the company in 2005-2006. Toland was part of a tag team called The D*cks, along with Chad Wicks (Chad D*ck), who had a Chippendale dancer gimmick. The team only lasted for a few months on SmackDown before they were released by WWE following a backstage fight.

While speaking with Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Toland revealed that he was unhappy with his name and gimmick and tried to change it. Toland said he approached Stephanie McMahon, who was in charge of creative at the time, and asked her if he could spell his name as Dix instead of D*ck. However, Stephanie rejected his request and insisted on using the correct spelling.

“I was like, ‘Steph, can we at least spell it Dix?’ and she’s like, ‘No, it’s gotta be the correct spelling.’ I was like, ‘All right.’ She’s like, ‘It’s gonna be Chad D*ck and you’re gonna be James D*ck.’ I was like, ‘All right, I guess I’m gonna be James D*ck.'”

Toland also revealed that he wanted to use his real name, John, or his previous ring name, Tank, but both options were denied by Stephanie McMahon. He also said he felt that Tank D*ck would have been a cooler name than James D*ck.


“It wasn’t John D*ck, which is my real name, because there’s already John Cena, John Bradshaw. My whole thing was why couldn’t you have called me Tank D*ck? I just don’t get it. Tank D*ck would have at least been cool, like Tank D*ck, you know? But yeah, so it is what it is.”

The D*cks’ final televised WWE match was a losing effort against The Boogeyman in a handicap match on SmackDown in February 2006. Toland and Wicks were fired shortly after for getting into a physical altercation with each other as part of a hazing ritual.

Stephanie McMahon is known for coming up with some of the names and gimmicks for WWE Superstars over the years. For example, R-Truth revealed that Stephanie McMahon suggested his name when he returned to WWE in 2008. However, the name she chose for Toland should rank as one of the weirdest names.

What do you think of Tank Toland’s story? Do you remember The D*cks in WWE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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