William Regal has a way with words, and he is also very direct on social media when needed. He has set the record straight on a couple of occasions, and this time he wanted to make it clear that he is a true businessman.

William Regal is back in WWE, after a brief stint in AEW. Now that Vince McMahon is back in charge of the operation, that brings a very interesting question about his future in the company.

Regal logged into Twitter, and he sent out a very public address to set the record straight. He said that people can make assumptions, but he stays out of the wrestling bubble, and is honorable with his business matters.

If you don’t know me extremely well, inside and out, please don’t ponce (leach) or make assumptions about me that you can’t 100% prove. You can do what you wish, but I’m asking politely. I stay out of the “Wrestling Bubble”& I am honorable in business. Thank you.


It might be worth noting that William Regal turned off replies to this tweet. So, fans, or critics, cannot reply unless they want to quote retweet it.

William Regal is a public figure, and he’s used to being in the spotlight as well. The fact that social media gives fans a direct line to his notifications is also something he had to learn to adjust to. It seems that Sr. William Regal got the hang of social media, and he used it quite well in this instance.

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Felix Upton

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