AEW is known for their big announcements, and Tony Khan promised an earth-shattering one this week on Dynamite. He hyped this announcement, just like so many before this, but TK also promised that this time around it will be a huge one.

Tony Khan hyped his big announced by telling that, “This is something I’ve dreamed of for years. It’s a huge milestone for AEW, and I can’t wait to talk about it. There will be fans around the world who will be excited—it is one of the most important announcements ever in AEW.”

According to Fightful’s paywall, Tony Khan’s big announcement for AEW is getting a ton of attention backstage in the company. It also has a lot of people talking.

As of now, the exact announcement isn’t known, but some plans in the works and upcoming announcements were speculated by talent. Please be aware this is backstage chatter from members of the locker room.


An upcoming UK announcement is one of the popular theories. Within the AEW roster, OVO Arena Wembley in the Summer has picked up a lot of steam as a real possibility. There were actually a couple of members at the top of the roster pushing for that.

Another announcement rumored has been an upcoming Saturday show. We’ve long heard chatter that there could be some roster parity in that sense. We haven’t heard what something like that would do to AEW Rampage or ROH, but we’ve certainly heard it discussed.

There were also ROH talent hoping that the brand would start traveling a bit more soon, but those that we spoke to believed that was more wishful thinking, and wouldn’t be related to tonight’s announcement.

It was also noted that, “we haven’t heard that CM Punk returning would be a possible announcement, but we do know that Tony Khan and Punk have talked many times in recent months.”

We’ll have to see what Tony Khan announces. There are a few options out there, but CM Punk’s return probably isn’t on the menu this time.

What’s your take on this big announcement? What do you think Tony Khan will announce? Sound off in the comments!

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