Triple H took over as Head Of WWE Creative and has made numerous changes to the company since then. While most of his creative decisions have been met positively, some decisions have gotten the opposite reaction. This includes Cody Rhodes losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 Night Two. Now it seems Triple H decided to address the controversy surrounding the decision.

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The most anticipated bout of the night was the main event, as fans wanted Cody Rhodes to finish the story and defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Unfortunately, Cody Rhodes came up short after multiple run-ins from The Bloodline. This ultimately cost The American Nightmare the match and led to a ton of backlash from fans.


While speaking during the post-WrestleMania 39 Night two press conference, Triple H was asked whether WWE passed up on an all-time moment to make Cody Rhodes the next John Cena or The Rock. Triple H defended WWE’s decision and made it clear that they have thought this through.

Dragging things out sounds negative, right? It’s not dragging things out, it’s telling the story. It’s telling a story, where do you want to go with the store and how do you want to get there and I think in the moment you think like ‘Oh my god I can’t believe.’ If you’re watching a movie and you thought every scene in the movie was the last scene, the entire movie, ‘I can’t believe they did that, that’s the worst movie ever,’ and then you’re like ”Oh wait there’s more.”

How much do we weigh that out? Every single moment of every single day, some days I’m trying to sleep, I can’t sleep. It’s because I’m weighing that out in my brain and I wish I could sleep instead of weighing that out in my brain. If you’re gonna be good at this, it consumes your every moment of everything you do. It’s a feel, sometimes your feeling is wrong, and sometimes it’s right. But, I do know that it always continues and the story doesn’t end here.

Some people will look at it and say like,” Well if you did this it would be better.” Well, you don’t know that do you? That’s the thing, you’re never gonna know. Because if you did the other thing, might not have worked out the way you wanted to. People might not have reacted the way you wanted it to. So it’s always a feel of where you are at the moment and bank on what’s next. If I didn’t feel like we didn’t have a compelling story at the other side, it wouldn’t be the decision.

Fans are certainly disappointed that The American Nightmare was not able to end Roman Reigns’ incredible run as champion. We will have to wait and see whether Cody Rhodes will get his chance to shine in the future.

What’s your take on Cody Rhodes losing? Do you agree with Triple H? Sound off in the comments!

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