Cody Rhodes recently made comments about Roman Reigns, suggesting that WWE invested 11 years into Reigns without getting any payoff until year 8. However, Reigns responded to these comments in a recent interview with BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani, saying that there’s no truth to them.

Reigns pointed out that during the years that he’s been on top, WWE has been steadily celebrating record revenue and is currently looking towards a possible sale for a rumored $9 billion. He also noted that he has main-evented all WrestleManias, except for a few, since 2015.

“I was on top all these years,” Reigns said, adding that people were too focused on the television product he was on, and not the business the company was doing during that time.

Reigns also mentioned that he has bridged WWE to a billion-dollar company, which he has sustained for three years in a row. He asked Paul Heyman, how many other top guys can say they have a billion-dollar year under their belt, and how many can say three.


“You’re gonna make your own assumptions, but business was good,” Reigns said. “We were priming to build [WWE] into a billion-dollar company, which I bridged us to and now have sustained…three years in a row, Paul?”

“Three years in a row,” Heyman replied.

It’s clear that Reigns is proud of his accomplishments and the success that WWE has achieved during his tenure as champion. Despite Cody Rhodes’ comments, Reigns seems to be focused on the future and continuing to lead WWE to even greater heights.

What do you think of Roman Reigns’ response to Cody Rhodes’ comments about WWE’s investment in Reigns and his lack of payoff until year 8? Do you agree with Reigns’ perspective on his success as WWE champion and his role in the company’s record revenue and potential $9 billion sale? Leave a comment.

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