Britt Baker is no stranger to getting into beefs online, and it seems that she has another narrative to shut down. The former AEW Women’s Champion recently saw a tweet aimed at her that needed some special attention.

One fan tweeted out to say that Britt Baker deserves, “the big green L from @Saraya, kicked a fan out of your line who was paying to see because of a @TheJimCornette shirt , LOSER you are . AEW=WCW circling the drain.” This did not go without a reply from Britt Baker herself.

Britt Baker logged into Twitter and she saw this tweet. She also felt a need to shut down this opinion, because she did anything except accept an L in this situation.

No I did not and never would? Sometimes I truly am curious where you guys come up with the most random and weird lies. Oh and @Saraya sucks, but even her fans are welcome in my line. On that note- see you all at @wrestlecon in the morning!


This fan, who has 101 followers as of this writing, did not let Britt Baker get away with her response. He followed up Baker’s reply with one of his own, where he apologized and then said that Baker “put a fan on blast instead of the source” of the story that angered her.

@RealBrittBaker I do apologize if I was wrong, but it was mentioned and noted on several websites and podcasts, I’m glad you took the time to put a fan on Blast instead of the source lol.

Britt Baker is used to criticism from fans, but she also didn’t let that one go unanswered. AEW’s resident dentist fired back a reply where she instructed this fan to tag pro wrestling news sites and podcasts who floated that narrative about her.

Go ahead and tag the “several websites and podcasts” you heard it from. I’m surprised you didn’t mention all these sources originally?

So it’s okay for you to tag me and put me on blast over something that’s not true but when I correct you then it’s a problem? God bless.

Britt Baker is a public figure, and that attention on her is not going away. It’s interesting when someone gets under her skin enough to clap back, and it seems that she reached her breaking point with this one.

We’ll have to see what Britt Baker gets into next. AEW All Access will provide fans with a look into her personal life, so there’s always that opportunity to see more of Baker.

What’s your take on this little Twitter argument? Who is right between the two? Sound off in the comments!

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