Rey Mysterio has been one of the most successful luchadors in WWE history. The Master of the 619 has spent over two decades inside the squared circle and will soon be immortalized for his work ethic and successful career. However, Mysterio recently revealed his wife’s thoughts about wrestling when they met during their younger days.

Rey Mysterio and his wife Angie met during their teenage years. They tied the knot on March 11th, 1996, and have been together ever since. They have two children together, fellow WWE superstar Dominik Mysterio and daughter Aliyah.

During recent interview with Corey Graves on “After The Bell” Rey Mysterio reflected on the time he met his wife. Mysterio invited her to his first wrestling match, however, Angie did not think much of wrestling at that time and called it ‘low class.’

“That is correct. So we met. I always tell her she took advantage of me because she was 17 and I was 15 at the time. It’s just such a special connection that we have from day one. I remember inviting her to my first show and she was like, ‘Yeah, yeah. I’ll go.’ We were just friends at the time and that kind of just bonded. She had never been to a wrestling match before. She thought that wrestling back then was like low class. But after all, you know, she was there. She enjoyed it. She saw my first match. She’s seen my growth from a different perspective than anyone else, which is crazy.


She did tell me again last night that she was so proud of my accomplishments, and she saw me grow from day one up until now, and she’s so freaking proud of what I’ve accomplished. I always tell her, ‘It’s not I, or me, it’s us, what we’ve accomplished together.'”

Rey Mysterio has always credited his family for the success of his professional career. That being said, Angie and other members of his family have been seen on WWE television programming multiple times over the years during Rey’s feuds with other stars.

WWE’s Biggest Little man will square off against his own son, Dominik Mysterio, at this weekend’s WrestleMania 39 event. The night before, Rey Mysterio will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2023. His wife and daughter are expected to be a part of the festivities and are looking to be in Rey’s corner for his match against their berated son.

Do you agree with Rey Mysterio’s wife’s comments about wrestling back then? Was it low-class? Sound off in the comments!

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