Cody Rhodes quickly established his place at the top of the WWE roster after his return last hear, and he is looking to fulfill his destiny of becoming the main attraction for the global juggernaut. This isn’t his first ride in WWE, and Cody recently revealed the tales of his early WWE days involving the 16-time World champion, John Cena.

Cody Rhodes started his career with WWE in 2007 and teamed up with stars like Ted DiBiase Jr. and Randy Orton as a part of Legacy about a year later. Around the same time, his carpool partner was none other than the Franchise Player, John Cena.

Cody Rhodes rode with John Cena to WWE shows. Since that time, Rhodes and The Leader of the Cenation have had a strong working relationship. During recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Rhodes revealed his talks with John Cena during their car rides.

“I’d say on the car the big thing that you do is you kind of rehashed the show that you were just on. And John was really good about, being sincere about what worked what didn’t and why. And that’s a long conversation.”


“You get a lot of that. John’s biggest rule was if the crowd is doing something, whether they’re clapping their hands or stomping their feet, you’d have to reward them with something from a psychological standpoint. You gotta keep making them interactive in what we do. And that was always where he went back to.” 

Cody Rhodes further stated that he and John Cena would often make fun of the entire roster and let out their feelings for them so as to work with them comfortably the next day.

“Also one of the secrets of these car rides is it’s your time to make fun of everybody on the roster, and it’s your time to get it all out, all the venom out so that when you show up the next day at work, you’re like ‘ah, it’s great. I can work with this guy, this girl all day long, no issue.’ So, that was fun. The secrets of the road is you gotta kind of bury the rest of the roster, and then you’re ready to go the next day.” 

John Cena came back to Monday Night RAW a few weeks ago in Boston. After his segment with Austin Theory, Cena exited the ring and endorsed Cody Rhodes in a big way, presenting him as the next big star of WWE. We will have to wait and see if we see these two square off in the ring at this stage of their respective careers.

Do you think we can see John Cena vs Cody Rhodes in WWE today? Is it possible considering Cena’s part-time schedule? Sound off in the comments!

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