Kayla Braxton has done a fantastic job as a WWE backstage interviewer and analyst for WWE television programming each week. Moreover, she is known for being super active on social media to deal with heat and negativity. Her latest campaign was against a certain fan who trolled her father.

Kayla Braxton recently reported a troll on Twitter after they called her father a “Gorilla.” However, the reported tweet apparently did not break any Twitter violations and her claim was rejected.

This led to Kayla Braxton expressing her frustrations. She blasted the troll with a fitting reply on Twitter while questioning her decision to return to the social media platform.



@Twitter – so the dude who referred to my African American father as a “gorilla” is all gucci for you guys, then? Good to know. Not sure why I got back on this stupid platform, but glad to know what y’all stand for. Imbeciles.”

Kayla Braxton established herself as one of the best backstage interviewers in the WWE right now. She receives a certain level of attention because she is a key player in a worldwide powerhouse like WWE. Sadly, that also comes with hateful trolling.

Miss Braxton is mostly seen on SmackDown these days on WWE’s television programming. We will have to wait and see what is next for Kayla Braxton in the future.

Do you think Kayla Braxton was right in reporting her content? Should she quit Twitter once and for all? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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