Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE might have been stifled a bit by a pectoral injury, but his Royal Rumble comeback was a glorious example that he’s far from finished telling his story. It seems that fans are also more than ready to open up their wallets for Rhodes as well.

Cody Rhodes knows how to market himself. This was something he perfected during his time away from WWE, with special edition American Nightmare merchandise popping up all the time. He also literally tattooed his brand on his own neck, so nobody got anything wrong.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter included a little note about Cody Rhodes. This will be great news for people who want to see him make big royalty checks, because The American Nightmare is now on a top tier level when it comes to merchandising.

Rhodes now hitting the levels of top tier main eventers as far as merchandise sales go


Cody Rhodes returned to WWE with his brand in place. Vince McMahon actually mentioned to Cody how WWE has some of the best graphic designers in the business who can help with a new logo. That is when Cody Rhodes simply pointed to his neck tattoo, and Mr. McMahon got the point.

Odds are, Cody Rhodes will continue selling a ton of merchandise. WrestleMania 39 could be a turning point in his career that might also be a huge deal for his bank account. Obviously, The American Nightmare’s fans can’t wait to buy up anything with his branding on it as they continue supporting the ex AEW EVP.

What’s your take on Cody Rhodes’ return run in WWE? Have you bought any official Cody Rhodes merchandise yet? Sound off in the comments!

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