Despite proclaiming himself as the “Salt of the Earth,” MJF’s recent actions have been contradictory to this title. At AEW Revolution, he created a stir by throwing a drink at a child in the audience, causing controversy. Initially believed to be water, it was later revealed that the liquid was alcohol, intensifying the severity of the situation. In fact, even Road Dogg believes the incident never would have happened in WWE.

During the AEW Revolution event, MJF engaged in his customary style of trash-talking, which involved insulting the San Francisco crowd during his championship match against Bryan Danielson.

In a further attempt to cause disruption, he took a drink from a woman in the audience and callously threw it in the face of a young fan. He then made light of his actions during a media scrum by joking that the child “looked thirsty.”

After the event, Tony Khan had a candid conversation with MJF, expressing his disappointment in the negative reaction provoked by MJF’s behavior. Despite the significant amount of attention garnered by his controversial actions, it was not the kind of attention that the promotion had hoped for or desired.

While speaking on the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg talked about the incident. Road Dogg stated that he believes the incident never would have happened in WWE.

“To me, that’s not a good thing unless that was a plant or somebody’s kid and they knew that it was okay to do that. I don’t think it’s good … I’m thinking about it from a corporate standpoint and I can tell you this much, we wouldn’t do that on one of our shows and if the individual did it on one of our shows, they would probably be punished for it.”

Even Eric Bischoff was highly critical of the move. On the other hand, Jim Cornette absolutely loved the spot. MJF was also compared to CM Punk following his antics at AEW Revolution. We do not condone what MJF did and we hope such an incident never happens again.

What do you think of what Road Dogg said? Do you agree with him? Sound off in the comments!

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