LA Knight does not have a WrestleMania match in SoFi Stadium yet, which is a shame according to him. Some fans might agree, and their recent reaction to LA Knight at a WWE house show in MSG might help the company decide to give LA Knight a lot more attention.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained how fans in Madison Square Garden might have changed WWE’s direction for LA Knight. They gave him quite a reception, which could historically result in a push from the company.

As far as LA Knight goes, at the Garden, LA Knight was in the battle royal and he got a big babyface reaction. Again, Madison Square Garden and WWE, it’s a weird thing, because if it was any other arena in the country, it’d be like, ‘oh it doesn’t matter,’ but if it’s Madison Square Garden, they do listen. That’s something to remember, because it helped LA Knight a lot. He’s basically a guy who talks really good and then he’s humiliated, I mean, that’s the role they’ve had him in.


LA Knight got a lot more in that Cody Rhodes match than I expected him to do, and you know, it’s because, if the Garden fans like you … the Garden fans when they’re bizarro land, it counts. So, it counts for him.”

Cody Rhodes beat LA Knight clean on WWE RAW this week, but his story in WWE is just starting. Only time will tell how far LA Knight will go, but it’s apparent that losing to Bray Wyatt in that Mountain Dew Pitch Black match did not kill his character.

LA Knight has a lot of potential in WWE, because he checks a lot of boxes that are typically needed to become a success in WWE. Only time will tell how far his star rises in the company, but fans in MSG certainly gave the company a big reason to consider a push for him.

Do you think LA Knight is a future World Champion? Should he have stayed in NXT? Sound off in the comments!

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