Chris Jericho is known for his exceptional in-ring abilities, charismatic personality, and ability to reinvent himself over the course of his career. He also had success outside of wrestling, including as a musician and actor. Nowadays, Jericho has been focal point of Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling and recently had something to say about the gimmick of fellow AEW star, Orange Cassidy.

Chris Jericho recently reflected on the first time he had the opportunity to collaborate with the current generation of elite in-ring performers in AEW and WWE. Since Jericho has been involved in the wrestling business for more than three decades, he has witnessed the industry’s growth and has been able to adjust and stay relevant.

He spoke about this during an interview on “The Sessions with Renee Paquette.” During that conversation, Chris Jericho admitted that he thought Orange Cassidy’s gimmick sucked at first.

“I remember the first time Seth Rollins said, ‘I’m gonna hit you with three topes in a row.’ In my mind I was like, ‘One, you hit one tope, that’s how you build up to it,’ but then I realized that’s not enough anymore.”


The 8-time world champion is always known for being very vocal and opinionated apparently, Chris Jericho was proven wrong once on his judgments of the current All-Atlantic Champion, Orange Cassidy. Chris Jericho admitted that he was quite sold at Cassidy’s gimmick at first.

“It’s like when I first came to AEW and saw Orange Cassidy. I thought, ‘This is stupid; this gimmick sucks; it’s stupid,’ and then I was like, ‘Pull your head out of your ass. The guy’s super over, what is it about him that works?'”

Legends are also prone to being wrong about certain young wrestlers, but in the end, what matters the most is their humility to accept their wrong opinions. The same happened with the record 9-time Intercontinental Champion and Orange Cassidy emerged to become a popular act in AEW.

Do you agree with Chris Jericho’s comments about Orange Cassidy? Does his gimmick not as good as he thinks? Sound off in the comments!

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