The Undertaker is one of the greatest pro wrestlers ever to set foot in the squared circle. The Deadman’s career spans over three decades, with him fighting the best from each era. Fans have often witnessed The Undertaker’s menacing acts in the ring, and he is often regarded as one of the most fearless wrestlers of all time. Of course, The Undertaker has a fear of his own, and it is quite a unique one.

The Undertaker had his own phobia, which was quite unusual and sounds silly. The Undertaker’s real life phobia is cucumbers. While many have heard about the fear of Pumpkin due to its use in the Halloween, fear of Cucumber sounds quite silly to The Deadman’s fans.

The Undertaker’s fear of cucumbers’ rose from when he was a kid. During an interview with Jim Cornette in 2013, Paul Bearer revealed that the Undertaker’s fear of cucumbers had something to do when he was a kid and that his mother perhaps made him to eat the vegetable when he didn’t want to.

During a recent edition of Foley Is Pod, Mick Foley confirmed The Undertaker’s phobia with cucumbers. He also revealed that Paul Bearer was the only person who would make The Deadman break character.


“Paul was the only guy who could make The Undertaker laugh, break character. I don’t know if we’re allowed to talk about the C word – cucumber – here. I can say I was witness to it, and it’s true, darn true.”

One popular story of the Undertaker facing his fear was when he was pranked with cucumbers by the late Owen Hart. Apparently, Owen Hart put slices of cucumbers in The Undertaker’s iced tea. The Deadman, as expected, drank his tea and ended throwing up all over the restaurant. Also, there have been claims that Hart hid cucumber chunks in his clothing and displayed them to Taker during their bout.

Rahul Amare

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