Cody Rhodes made a significant impact on the industry, and he continues doing so with his family lineage. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated his passion, dedication, and skill in the ring, entertaining countless fans with his incredible athleticism and charisma. However, he recently revealed that he has been more liberated about making decisions since his father, Dusty Rhodes passed away.

Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes had a very close and special relationship, both inside and outside the wrestling industry. Dusty was not only Cody’s father, but he was also his mentor, friend, and one of his biggest inspirations.

Dusty Rhodes played a significant role in the former 2-time WWE Intercontinental Champion’s career, helping train and guide him through the early stages of his wrestling journey. Throughout his career, Cody has always been open about the profound impact that his father had on him and how much he learned from him both in and out of the ring.

Sadly, Dusty Rhodes passed away in 2015, which was a devastating loss for Cody Rhodes and the entire wrestling community. However, Cody has continued to honor his father’s legacy and impact on the industry through his own work.

Cody Rhodes has spoken many times about the profound impact that his father had on him, both as a wrestler and as a person. The American Nightmare” appeared on FOX Sports’ “Out of Character with Ryan Satin,” where he revealed one regret about a decision he made while grieving over his father’s passing.

“I did go back to work, but actually I needed some time,” Rhodes said. “I feel like looking back on it in hindsight, I wish I had immediately gone back to work because you’ve gotta fill the time, right?”

Cody Rhondes believes his father and he would have disagreed over the road he took after leaving the WWE. However, he feels that his father would be happy with his accomplishment now.

“A lot of decisions I made, I felt more liberated in making those decisions than I perhaps would have had he still been alive,” Rhodes said. Cody revealed that he told Dusty once that he was thinking about switching his in-ring gear to tights to which Dusty told his son that tights were for “job guys.” Cody said he can never see himself wearing trunks again.

Cody Rhodes is set for the biggest night of his life at WrestleMania 39. He will face off against the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event to finish his story on his terms.

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