Matt Hardy had an illustrious wrestling career, with him completing 30 years in the wrestling industry last year. The Former WWE superstar left WWE in 2020 as his contract expired, and he didn’t wish to renew it. Vince McMahon reportedly wanted Hardy for a backstage role, particularly that of a producer, but Hardy still being passionate about his in-ring career and fit enough to compete turned down the offer.

Since his departure from WWE, Matt Hardy has been a part of AEW and has been enjoying his time at the promotion. Hardy has been widely praised for his character work and the ability to reinvent himself, which he has been doing at the promotion since his debut.

However, Matt Hardy’s gimmick as the leader of the stable “The Hardy Family Office” was lackluster, with fans not happy with the number of members in the stable. The stable was disbanded shortly after Matt Hardy left the group.

During a recent edition of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the tag team specialist explained why the “Hardy Family Office” stable didn’t appeal to fans. Hardy stated that the stable had a lot of potential, but as members began to grow its potency began to wane.


“We actually got pretty hot at that point with the six man tags we were doing as heels with Big Money Matt. I really feel like we had a lot of momentum. We were doing good and we would have continued to elevate as a trios tag until we started adding people.

Tony said, ‘We don’t have anyone speaking for Butcher and Blade now. They’re better when they have a mouthpiece. Do you mind if I put them with you? ‘I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll do that.’ But then it became a little excessive. Then they had TH2. It became so watered down. I know in the notes, you kind of describe the HFO as the Island of Misfit Toys. I described it at the time as the Island of Misfit Toys. That’s exactly how I describe the group. It became so many guys that we really didn’t know what to do with and it was kind of directionless. It just kind of ended up being people that would put other people over.”

After his departure from The Hardy Family Office, Matt Hardy reunited with his brother Jeff and has been a babyface since then. However, after Jeff’s DUI arrest and suspension, Matt Hardy has been wrestling as singles wrestler as well as teaming up with Isiah Kassidy and Ethan Page on several occasions.

Matt Hardy’s most recent televised bout was against Hook on March 1st for the FTW World Heavyweight Title, which he lost. Jeff Hardy’s DUI case is officially closed now and as per Matt, his brother wants to redeem himself. Fans may expect to see the Former WWE Champion in AEW soon.

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