WrestleMania is considered the biggest stage in the history of professional wrestling, where heroes are made and careers are defined. Moreover, the card each year sees participation from various celebrities, be it for appearances, or participation inside the squared circle. Most recently, WWE superstar Gunther defended their involvement in the Show of Shows.

A lot of performers were said to be “upset at being left off WWE WrestleMania card,” according to a prior report. This came along the lines of celebrities taking their spot at the Grandest stage of them all.

Ringside News contacted a reliable source within the company when we heard that WWE stars reportedly weren’t pleased with the WrestleMania 39 card. The report zeroed in on talent’s dissatisfaction with the number of slots allocated to celebrities and special attractions. That being said, we were able to squash that report.

We were told that the WrestleMania 39 card has not been finalized yet in terms of match announcements. The question was posed to us in return, asking, “How can there be a report about ‘a lot of talent’ being ‘unhappy’ about ‘being left off’ when the card is not complete and there are still discussions with talent about matches that may take place?”


WWE Intercontinental champion Gunther recently gave his two cents, where he backed up our exclusive report. The Ring General discussed the topic of celebrity involvement in WWE with Josh Martinez on Superstar Crossover, and he gave credit to those celebrities for putting their bodies on the line in the ring. It doesn’t sound like he resents any celebrity for getting a spot on the two-night card.

“It’s obviously two-sided. Somebody that wrestles all year round, and then comes WrestleMania, and it’s somebody who is always working and it’s their drive of ‘I want to be in the big spectacle,’ and some spots won’t be available because we have celebrities come in like Bad Bunny or Logan. I get the part that there is a little bit of a frustration, but on the other hand, I think it helps us immensely. It helps everybody involved. It helps our business in general to generate way more attention.

The only thing I think is important is, whoever comes in from the outside and takes part in what we do, they have to have a passion for it and has to take it as serious to be part of our product. That’s the case with the celebrities we have right now. They’re contributing a lot and putting the work in.

They’re putting their bodies on the line too. If you look at everything Logan has done so far, he’s not hesitating to take any risks. He might be willing to take more risks that I would. In those two cases, they are prime examples of how somebody is a celebrity outside of our world and contributes in a positive way.” 

The celebrity attraction this year will once again feature Logan Paul after his excellent bout last year. Paul is set to battle the Drip God Seth Rollins in a marquee match, while Gunther’s opponent for WrestleMania 39 will be decided this Friday on SmackDown.

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