The wrestling business has seen many onscreen performers and offscreen personnel fulfill their dreams of working for top promotions like WWE. Moreover, many instances have seen people already a part of these companies recommend other people to the higher-ups to become a part of the working environment. A similar story relates to former WWE superstar Chris Benoit, who offered to put in a word for Bill Apter.

Chris Benoit was regarded as one of the best in-ring performers in the company’s history because of his mastery of wrestling. Sadly, this has been overshadowed by the horrific events of 2007, when it was revealed that Chris Benoit had killed his wife and son before committing suicide.

Despite that, Chris Benoit’s former acquaintances and coworkers still remember him. They recall Benoit as the person he was before the darkness enveloped him, though, leading to him doing what he did.

Wrestling journalist Bill Apter recounted one such memory of the former WWE Champion, while so many do not share their time with Chris Benoit. He recalled it on the Mac Davis-hosted podcast The Wrestling Time Machine from Sportskeeda Wrestling.


Bill Apter described a chat he had with Chris Benoit in which the latter expressed confusion over Apter’s lack of involvement with WWE. The veteran journalist continued by saying that Chris Benoit even offered to speak with Vince McMahon to help him get the promotion.

“Chris (Benoit) says ‘I have never understood why they never involved you in WWE?’ I said, ‘well, I don’t know. I don’t ask, I’m working successfully for the magazine. I’m happy, and he said to me if you want me to talk to Vince. I said ‘yeah if you want to. I don’t think I’m going anywhere.’ But he said, ‘let me talk to Vince. You’re a valuable asset, and I’d love to have you in the company that we work for.’ And then what happened happened.”

Chris Benoit was completely erased from the history books of WWE, including his mentions, accolades, and nearly every match. Despite being one of the most gifted athletes in the world, one wrong move led to Benoit’s body of work being buried in the ground forever.

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