Vince McMahon has been the subject of extensive media coverage over the past year as a result of his role in a pay-for-silence scandal that caught the attention of the professional wrestling industry. McMahon rejoined WWE earlier this year after a lengthy absence, taking on the role of Executive Chairman. Moreover, he was present backstage on RAW this week, however, it was reported to be just a friendly visit.

According to Fightful Select, Vince McMahon was there to visit John Cena, who made his return that night. Moreover, they also reported that McMahon was not passing any instructions or orders and was simply there to enjoy the show.

McMahon was at Gorilla position throughout the night and was not shy about saying hello and greeting talent. However, none of the talent or staff that we spoke to said that he was providing instructions, feedback, or orders to anyone that they saw.

The wide discussion in the locker room and among talent was that Vince McMahon was there to visit John Cena and to enjoy the show, with them believing that he came there specifically because Cena was booked.

This was a stark contrast to when Vince McMahon forced himself back into power in December, and there seemed to be panic, or when he appeared on TV after the WSJ stories emerged and were met with disgust.

It was also reported that there was not much panic in the locker room backstage on RAW. While people believed that it was just a friendly visit by Vince McMahon, all that could get a new meaning if he also appears on SmackDown this week as well.

“There didn’t seem to be a lot of panic, at least based on those we heard from. One talent said “the big tell will be if he’s at Smackdown.” Talent and staff were not prepared for McMahon to be around, and were not briefed about the situation before and after. There were several higher ups in the company that also were not made aware until he was there, with one noting that they wish they would have been clued in considering the nature of the last nine months in WWE.”

We also reported that some WWE talent did not want to approach Vince McMahon. Also, it seems that he also shocked everyone with his new mustache.

The future ownership of WWE is still up in the air. Given that the original selling deadline was set for the middle of 2023, it’s feasible that the organization may soon have a new person in control.

Vince McMahon’s participation in WrestleMania 39 has not been confirmed, and it is unknown if he will be present. We will have to wait and see what happens next as the road to WrestleMania approaches its final destination in a few weeks.

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