The most recent game in the sports and entertainment juggernaut-inspired series is the upcoming WWE 2K23. The eagerly awaited game will go on general release March 17th. It will be playable on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PlayStation 5. Furthermore, there are new details revealed regarding the latest 2K installment.

MyGM Mode, which let players take charge of a brand and be the authority, was revived in WWE 2K22. MyGM has been improved in 2K23 to support 4-player games and more. A mid-card title is now possible for brands with the WWE Intercontinental Title being on SmackDown and WWE United States Championship matches on RAW. The WCW Hardcore Championship and NXT North American Championships will be available for the new brands WCW and NXT 2.0 respectively.

The MyGM mode also features new match types. Fans can choose from matches in the following categories: Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, Steel Cage, Backstage Brawl, Falls Count Anytime, Submission, Iron Man, Last Man Standing, and Tornado Tag.

Furthermore, selectable general managers include Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, Kurt Angle, Eric Bischoff, and Mick Foley in addition to Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Adam Pearce, and the choice for an edited MyGM. However, William Regal is no longer available to choose for General Manager.


According to Sports Gamers Online, the Create-A-Superstar team at Visual Concepts has introduced over 600 new parts this year. Advanced Customization has made a rather long vacation from WWE 2K22’s Create-An-Entrance. This enables players to put together entrance components, pyro, lighting effects, and other elements until they have their CAW’s grand entrance ready.

As for the WWE Universe Mode, During an interview with Screen Rant, WWE 2K23’s Creative Director Lynell Jinks and Associate Gameplay Producer Bryan Williams updated fans on how cutscenes will work in the upcoming game.

“With Universe, there’s some huge improvements that we made there to help tell the story and give users even more control than they’ve already had, which is crazy to think about,” said Jinks. “You can have actions that you want certain superstars to perform before a match, like, ‘Okay, I want Bobby Lashley to shake hands with MVP before the match, but at the last second, I want him to just punch him.’ Like, those are actions that you can actually assign to that match and watch those cutscenes play out and see how that kind of dictates your rivalry.”

The fans are already excited about the launch of the newest WWE 2K game. WWE 2K23’s release for those who purchase the Deluxe and Icon Editions of the game is just one week away, so we will have to wait and see what response it generates among the fans.

Which mode are you breaking into first in WWE 2K23? You may check out the videos below for all the features and superstars coming up in the game. Also, sound off in the comments section!

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