Despite facing criticism from some fans, Aubrey Edwards has emerged as one of the most beloved referees in all of AEW. Her distinctive personality shines through in every match she officiates, winning over countless fans along the way. That being said, it seems Edwards is seemingly ready to sue Jeff Jarrett.

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Despite her reputation as a stern and impartial referee, AEW official Aubrey Edwards was recently involved in a physical altercation with WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. During a high-stakes three-way tag team match for the All Elite Wrestling Tag Team Championships at AEW Revolution, Jarrett became increasingly agitated and ultimately resorted to shoving Edwards. In response, Edwards defended herself with physical force.

Now, it appears that legal action may be on the horizon in the wake of this incident. Despite her professionalism and dedication to her role as a referee, Edwards has found herself in a difficult position and may be seeking justice for the attack she endured.


A day after the Revolution pay-per-view, Edwards took to social media and asked fans who else woke up hungover after the Premium Live Event.

“Who else woke up hungover from the excitement of #AEWRevolution yesterday?”

Mark Sterling responded by asking if Edwards was considering legal action against Jarrett for his behavior during the pay-per-view.

I can’t move my neck. Aubrey do you want to sue Jeff Jarrett?

In response to Mark Sterling’s inquiry about legal action, Aubrey Edwards replied with a playful GIF, of Jimmy Fallon saying “maybe,” suggesting that she might indeed be considering a lawsuit.

While the outcome of this situation remains to be seen, fans have been quick to praise Edwards for her professionalism and dedication as a referee.

Many have even credited the appearance of Jeff Jarrett and Mark Sterling on Dynamite with boosting the show’s ratings on February 22nd. Despite the controversy surrounding this incident, it is clear that Aubrey Edwards remains one of the most respected and beloved officials in all of professional wrestling.

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