When AEW first started a couple of years ago, the women’s division boasted a few stars and was comparably weak when compared to its WWE counterpart. However, over the years, Tony Khan has spent a pretty penny to bolster the division and build the division from the ground up.

Today, some of the company’s women stars have been able to steal the show and get over with the fans so much so that it won’t be long before we start seeing women main event shows like in WWE.

It also seems like AEW EVP Kenny Omega has high hopes for the women’s division. He recently did an interview with Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast where he stated that he was inspired by Trish Stratus to try and help the women’s division.

He also feels that some of the AEW male stars may have gotten complacent thinking they would always be the focus of the show despite not earning their spot. However, Omega explains that may not be the case anymore.


“And it’s like, ‘No, you guys got to be careful because they’re [women stars] coming for you, and not only that, they deserve your spot,'” Omega said. “Now I feel that we have earned that trust. There are people we have to convince on the business end of things as well, that this is a proven thing, this can be successful, and that people want to watch it. We have proven that, yes, people will like it, people want to watch it and yes, it is good.”

Undoubtedly, women’s wrestling has evolved a lot in recent years, and while AEW has been playing catchup, they finally are in a place where women can take over. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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