The Rock rose to the top of WWE in rapid fashion, and achieved great things as a heel. During his days on top of WWE, his success might have rubbed some people the wrong way.

Former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson recently revealed details of a backstage altercation he had with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during his time with the company. After all, the two did share a locker room for a while. Johnson, who spent nearly three years as an active competitor with WWE, was a member of The Nation of Domination and feuded with The Rock after the group turned on him and replaced him with the future icon.

In a recent shoot interview with the Pouding The Meat Podcast, Ahmed Johnson spoke about that situation with The Rock. He pointed out that “there was a lot of jealousy” between himself and The Rock. He also revealed that the altercation took place backstage and centered around a disagreement over their finish and who would do what in the ring.

“One time in the locker room, me and Rock got into an argument. This is where D’Lo (Brown) claimed he got me into a Full Nelson. And I guess, for some reason, the Full Nelson must’ve been a fight because he said it was a fight. But I don’t know where all that came from. Where he got the Full Nelson from, where he got the bathroom fight from, but that never happened,” 


The former Intercontinental Champion then went on to explain the details of the argument, and what that figth was over. It turns out that The Rock was in the center of it all.

“[What was the fight over between you and The Rock?] Well, we were arguing over basically our finish and, you know, who was gonna do what in the ring. Back then, he wasn’t The Rock, you know, he was Rocky Maivia becoming The Rock. But it was basically, you know, him not wanting to take my finish, me not wanting to take his finish. It was kinda back and forth argument from there,” 

It’s not uncommon for wrestlers to have disagreements over their in-ring performances, and it’s clear that even future superstars like The Rock had their fair share of clashes with their peers in their early days in the business.

The backstage altercation between Ahmed Johnson and The Rock is a reminder of the competitive nature of the wrestling industry and the tensions that can arise between even the most talented and respected wrestlers. While it’s not uncommon for wrestlers to have disagreements over their in-ring performances, it’s clear that the conflict between Johnson and The Rock ran deeper than a simple argument over finishes.

Regardless of what actually happened, the incident highlights the intense rivalries and interpersonal dynamics that exist behind the scenes in professional wrestling. Only time will tell if this story ever makes its way into an episode of Young Rock.

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