Goldberg’s career in pro wrestling is an impressive one, and he is even able to get arenas and stadiums full of pro wrestling fans to chant his name at 56-years-old. Goldberg can also still perform in the ring, and he hasn’t hung up his wrestling boots just yet. That being said, he is eyeing the end of his story.

We previously reported that Goldberg still wants a retirement match. While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Goldberg made it clear that WWE still needs to give him a retirement match.

You never say never, especially in wrestling, and they owe me one,” says Goldberg. “That’s all I can say. I made a deal with the devil and I did my job, and they owe me a retirement match. At the end of the day, at 56, it’s not something where I’m sitting by the phone waiting for a call. I’ve got a few ideas of how to do it on my own, possibly in Israel. So never say never.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter offered a little tidbit about this story. In fact, WWE doesn’t “owe” Goldberg anything. In fact, he has no more matches left on his lucrative deal.


Only time will tell if Goldberg inks a deal to wrestle another match, but he has no more matches on his last WWE deal. He also still has close connections that can make another match happen, since the time frame for his contract hasn’t lapsed.

.” The WWE doesn’t owe Goldberg anymore matches on the very lucrative deal he signed, but the time frame for the contract hasn’t expired, so he can’t work anywhere else.

Goldberg rose to fame in the late 1990s in WCW. He made his wrestling debut in 1997 and quickly became a fan favorite due to his impressive physique, intense look, and hard-hitting style. Goldberg’s most famous move was the spear, which he used to devastating effect against his opponents. He had an undefeated streak in WCW that lasted for 173 matches, making him one of the most dominant wrestlers in the history of the company.

In 2003, Goldberg made his debut in WWE, where he continued to be a force to be reckoned with. He had memorable feuds with some of the biggest names in the company, including The Rock, Triple H, and Brock Lesnar. Goldberg won the World Heavyweight Championship twice during his time in WWE and became a popular figure among fans for his no-nonsense attitude and his ability to take down opponents with ease.

Goldberg’s wrestling career has been marked by a number of high-profile matches and moments. Perhaps the most famous of these was his match against Hulk Hogan at the Georgia Dome in 1998, where he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in front of a crowd of over 40,000 fans. Goldberg’s explosive entrance, which saw him emerge from a locker room and headbutt his way through a pyrotechnic display, has become one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history.

Goldberg’s legendary wrestling career has been marked by a long list of accomplishments and iconic moments that have made him one of the most recognizable and beloved wrestlers in history. He very well could lace up his boots once again for WWE, but they would need to work out a deal for that to happen first. If anything, the long list of legendary matches he had in the squared circle will certainly maintain his legacy.

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