Marko Stunt has been currently out of action for quite a few weeks now. The Former AEW Superstar, who currently wrestles in GCW, competed last on January 21 against Mike Jackson for the promotion. Jackson defeated Stunt in the singles match. Fans speculated him to be injured, and it wasn’t until that the Former AEW star revealed himself.

In a series of tweets, Marko Stunt revealed that certain health issues as the reason for him being out of action since January 21st. Stunt described dealing with a lot of pain in the lower back and suffering from a fracture in his vertebrae. He also thanked everyone for their support and expressed his desire to return to the ring soon.

“Wanted to give everyone an update. I haven’t been super active on here and there’s some reasons. I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain recently in my lower back, and ended up doing something to agitate it more. After going to the doctor and getting X-rays they noticed that I have fracture in my vertebrae, as well as rotated vertebrae.

“They also noticed a disk being squeezed out of the side like toothpaste (how they described it). As of right now I’m still going to doctors appointments and figuring things out. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but I’d like to thank everyone that’s supported me over my career. I’ve suffered quite a few injuries that have taken their toll on me, but I’m hoping to recover and come back better than ever! I’m keeping my head up!”


During his AEW run, Stunt formed an alliance with the Jungle Boy, and the two even wrestled in the Inaugural AEW Tag Team Tournament. However, they lost in the first round to Lucha Brothers. His AEW contract expired in June 2022 and the promotion did not choose to renew it.

Marko Stunt has been decent in the ring, with his height and physicality limiting him from impressing the fans. However, with many wrestlers of small stature making big in the industry, Stunt sure can make a big name for himself one day.

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Rahul Amare

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