AEW’s women’s division has a few key members, and they are seemingly growing more every couple of months with new additions. Britt Baker has been there since the beginning, but her strategy might have changed a bit at this point.

Britt Baker used to compete practically every week on AEW television. During the pandemic, she wrestled multiple times a day to tape weeks of television at once. She isn’t competing every week at this point, but she doesn’t need to either.

Britt Baker recently spoke to FoxSportsAU about her current role in AEW. She is not wrestling every week, but she is on television. That being said, AEW’s resident dentist admitted that she has backed off a bit from in-ring competition.

“Right now I’m not having weekly matches, I’m not having weekly promos, so it’s a little bit backed off,” Baker told. “I try not to bother him and bug him (Khan) because there are 100s of other wrestlers texting him on a daily basis, I’m sure.”


“But for example when I was champion, I was texting with Tony several times a week with different ideas, and he was sending me his ideas, and he’s very straight-up with me. He’d tell me ‘Britt, that’s not a good idea, I don’t like that’, or ‘hey, let’s make this better’, and I really appreciate that from my boss. Honesty is one of the most helpful fools anyone can ever give you when you’re learning your craft, especially when you’re learning TV professional wrestling. I couldn’t ask for a better boss than Tony Khan and he has helped me so much growing as a performer, as a wrestler, as a human being. He’s really a special guy and we’re lucky to work for him.”

Britt Baker has endured a few serious injuries during her time in AEW. She kept it up and remained on television, so fans might not have really understood the extent of what she went through to remain a part of Tony Khan’s company.

All of that hard work paid off, and Britt Baker has a well-established place on top of the AEW roster. Only time will tell how long it will be until Britt Baker finds her way back into the AEW World Women’s Title picture once again.

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