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With little over a month away from WrestleMania 39, WWE will look to build out these storylines as we head into the biggest event of the year which means that tonight’s episode of RAW promises another exciting night of action. The updated match card for the show is as follows:

  • Candace LeRae vs. Piper Niven
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Chad Gable
  • The Street Profits vs. Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa
  • Asuka vs. Carmella
  • MizTV
  • Will Brock Lesnar accept Omos’ challenge?
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Damage CTRL (c) vs. Becky Lynch & Lita

WWE RAW Opener:

Becky Lynch and Lita are shown arriving to Monday Night RAW.

The commentators welcome the audience to the show.

Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa vs. The Street Profits

Jimmy Uso’s theme song plays and he comes out with Solo Sikoa. Jimmy gets on the mic and says that everyone is talking about problems in The Bloodline. He says families fight all the time. The crowd chants for Sami Zayn.

He says if you come for one member you come for all members of The Bloodline. Jimmy asks Cody won’t beat Roman Reigns. He then says he and Solo are here to remind everyone who runs RAW.

The Street Profits’ theme song plays and they come out to the ring. Ford starts by mocking Solo and Jimmy. Ford then says Jey is probably in the back and they pretend to call for Jey. He then says that he can’t blame Jey for not being here.

Ford says Bloodline can’t run their own family. Jimmy says Ford talks too much for someone who got beaten by The Bloodline. Dawkins interrupts them before Ford says they want the smoke and they all brawl in the ring and Jimmy and Solo are sent out of the ring.

*Commercial break*

Dawkins attacks Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy fights back and tags in Solo who continues to attack Dawkins. Dawkins with a dropkick to Solo and he tags in Ford.

They both dropkick Solo and Ford goes to work on him. Solo gets Ford to his corner and Jimmy tags in and attacks Ford. Jimmy goes to work on Ford.

Ford fights back with a dropkick and he tags out and Dawkins hits the dropkick. He then attacks Jimmy in the corner. He goes for a double underhook but Jimmy escapes and punches Dawkins.

Solo tags in and hits the clothesline on Dawkins.

*Commercial break*

Solo with a Samoan drop on Dawkins. Sikoa continues to attack Dawkins in the corner. He hits the hip attack. Sikoa superkicks Ford goes for the hip attack again but Dawkins catches him with a flying elbow. Both men tag out and Ford attacks Jimmy with a clothesline and a back elbow.

He hits the back suplex and moonsault. Cover! 1…2..kick out. Ford sent to the apron. He kicks Solo and kicks Jimmy. He climbs the top rope but is stopped by Jimmy Uso. Ford drops Jimmy and hits the crossbody. Cover! 1..2..kick out.

Both men exchange strikes. Sikoa tags in but is taken out. Ford with a spnie buster on Jimmy. Ford tags out. Solo comes in and superkicks Dawkins and hits the Samoan Spike for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa

Following the match, they attack the Street Profits. Solo gets a chair and places it around Ford’s head. Kevin Owens comes in and superkicks Solo Sikoa before hitting Jimmy with the stunner.

*Commercial break*

Brock Lesnar’s theme song plays and he makes his way to the ring. MVP’s music hit and he comes out looking surprised. He starts by saying this isn’t how he envisioned Lesnar accepting the challenges.

Lesnar apologizes for being early but asks him to get in the ring. MVP says he is fine. Lesnar says he is all about business and has no beef with him. Lesnar says he is here to listen to MVP in the VIP lounge. MVP asks if it is ok for him to step into the ring.

Lesnar says there won’t be any suplexes tonight. He gets in the ring. Lesnar says MVP didn’t insult him last week and asks MVP to sell this fight and says he came here to do some business.

MVP says Brock is the beast and begins hyping up Brock Lesnar. He says Lesnar had his hands full with Bobby Lashley but he thinks he can have his way with Omos. Lesnar says he can put his hands on a man but he can’t do the same to a giant.

He says a giant can conquer a beast. MVP says Brock can’t beat Omos. Lesnar says his selling was good and says he accepts MVP’s challenge. He then says they should shake on it and drink on it.

Brock then says they will fight at WrestleMania and shake hands. MVP says he will pop a bottle but Lesnar says he has the good stuff and says they will drink the good stuff. He toasts their match and takes a drink. MVP says he will toast with champagne.

Brocks says MVP won’t make him drink alone. MVP takes the drink and asks what is it. Lesnar says it’s called white lightning. MVP spits it out at Lesnar. Lesnar wipes his face and hits the F-5 on MVP before walking away.

Lita and Lynch are interviewed backstage. Lita says some of her best career highlights have been alongside some of the greatest tag teams. She says it’s been on her bucket list. Lynch says it’s been on her bucket list as well and there is no one she would rather team with. Lynch says they will win the tag titles.

Cody Rhodes is on his way to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Cody Rhodes vs. Chad Gable

Cody Rhodes’s theme song plays and he makes his way to the ring. Chad Gable’s music hit and he comes out with Otis.

The match begins and both mat wrestle. Gable goes for the ankle lock but Cody escapes. Cody with a reverse superplex.

*Commercial break*

Gable goes for a back suplex but Cody lands on feet and appears hurt. Gable targets the leg of Cody. Gable climbs the top rope and goes for the diving headbutt and misses. Cody with a shoulder tackle and upper cut. He then hits the power slam and a disaster kick. Cover! 1..2..kick out.

Cody locks in the figure four leg lock. Gable gets to the rope. Gable with a German suplex on Cody. Gable flips him into a DDT and hits moonsault. Cover! 1..2..kick out. Cody and Gable exchange strikes in the corner. Gable sent outside the ring. Cody with a suicide dive onto Gable. Otis is distracted.

Cody sends Otis over the barricade. He gets back in the ring and hits Cody cutter and follows it with Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Cody gets on the mic and says they are 33 days away from WrestleMania. He continues to says he is yet to stand in the same ring as Roman Reigns but he is ecstatic Reigns will be on SmackDown because he will be there too.

Byron Saxton interviews Baron Corbin who says things haven’t gone his way and is interrupted by Baron who then interviews Kevin Owens who says that The Bloodline should suffer the consequences and he is going to make sure The Bloodline falls but he doesn’t need any help doing that.

*Commercial break*

Judgment Day are backstage and Dominik calls Rey a joke and a loser. He says he will be on SmackDown again this week and Rey is not going to do anything about it. Rhea says she didn’t have to say a single as she was shook just by being in the same building and says that she can’t escape her fate.

Finn then says that their rivalry isn’t over as he gets to decide when it’s over. He then says Edge is playing checkers while he is playing chess and challenges Edge at WrestleMania.

Maximum Male Models are backstage and ask if Otis has considered their offer. Maxinne tells him they will be in his corner for his match. Otis agrees and goes in search of Adam Pierce.

Asuka vs. Carmella

Asuka’s theme song plays and she walks to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Carmella’s theme song plays and she makes her way to the ring.

The match begins and both women exchange strikes. Carmella kicks Asuka in the face. She then attacks her in the corner. She hits the bronco buster. Cover! 1..2..kick out.

Asuka fights back with a popup knee strike. Cover! 1…2..kick out. Asuka sent to the outside and Carmella sueprkicks her.

*Commercial break*

Carmella goes to work on Asuka. Asuka fights back with a backhand and rapid strikes. She knocks her down. Carmella rolls out of the ring and Asuka hits the sliding knee. Asuka goes for the dropkick but misses and Carmella with a superkick. Cover! 1..2…kick out. Carmella rolls her up but Asuka reverse into a submission hold and Carmella taps out.

Winner: Asuka

She gets on the mic and talks in Japanese. She then calls out Bianca Belair whose music hit and she walks out to the ring. Bianca says she doesn’t like her tone and says she will not hesitate to remind her she is the EST of WWE. Carmella shoves Asuka into Belair and leaves the ring.

Piper Niven vs. Candace LeRae

Piper Niven’s music plays and she walks to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Candace LeRae’s music hit and she walks to the ring with Nikki Cross following her.

The match begins and Piper knocks down Candace. Candace fights back but is dropped by Piper who hits the senton. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Candace is sent into the corner.

She is then sent to the outside. Piper sends her into the ring and sends Nikki into the barricade, As Piper entered the ring, Candace rolled her up for the win.

Winner: Candace LeRae

Byron interviews Johnny Gargano who says he has to be prepared for anything and describes how Otis was looking for a match. Judgment Day interrupts them. Damian says the last time he saw Gargano was at Elimination Chamber. Balor says Otis is going to beat Gargano and if he doesn’t, Balor will finish the job next week. Gargano says he will see him next week.

The Miz’s theme music plays and he comes out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

The Miz begins by welcoming the audience to Miz TV. He said he wants to talk about Maryse and the anniversary she gave him. Miz says she is the gift that keeps on giving and this gift is life-changing.

Miz introduces his guest who is the host of WrestleMania which happens to be him. He says this will be bigger than the Oscars. Miz says that what irks him is that his wife had to ask.

He says this WrestleMania will go viral with matches like Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley, Asuka vs. Bianca Belair, Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns. He then says that he is so happy and nothing can spoil his happiness.

Seth Rollins’ music hit and walks to the ring. Miz asks what Rollins is doing here and says it is his special moment. Rollins begins by saying that he came out here to congratulate him.

Miz says Rollins has been ruining his parade. Rollins says he had to stomp him because Miz was being a jerk. Rollins says he has a favor to ask Miz. He continues to say he has been trying to get in touch with Logan Paul and asks The Miz to give him a call.

The Miz says no because Logan is Seth’s problem. He called Rollins a goofball and Rollins kicked him in the face. Seth then takes his phone and unlocks it using Miz’s face.

Miz then dials Logan Paul who asks him to stop calling. Seth asks Logan about Jake saying he had a tough night yesterday. He invites Logan to show up next week. Logan accepts and says he would love to see him run his mouth face-to-face. Seth then says goodbye and hangs up. Rollins then stomps Miz. before leaving the ring.

Cathy Kelley interviews Damage CTRL. Bayley says they have been all over the world proving that no one stands a chance against them. She says this is their story and legacy. Theory interrupts and says he is the greatest champion and says he is shocked he is not being talked about.

Instead, people are talking about John Cena. He says he won at Elimination Chamber. He then says he beat Edge two days later. He says he respects John Cena. Hence, he will look at John Cena and give him all the respect and hopes Cena gives him the same respect.

Bobby Lashley vs. Elias

Bobby Lashley’s music hit and he walks to the ring.

*Commercial break*

The match begins and Elias attacks Bobby Lashley but Lashley bodyslams him and sends him outside. Lashley goes after him but Elias escapes and sends Lashley into the barricade. He sends Bobby into the ring and goes for a clothesline but Lashley hits the flat liner and the spear. He then locks in the Hurt Lock as Elias taps out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Lashley says he is not in a good mood now. He says instead of Brock tapping out, he resorted to a low blow. He says he wants more. He says he doesn’t play kid games like Bray Wyatt and asks him to keep his name out of his mouth.

Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron dancing. He then asks Lashley to run in a scary tone.

Chelsea Green is backstage with Adam Pierce who is trying to figure out last week’s mix up. Carmella interrupts. Adam says they both have a match next week and leaves while they both get acquainted.

Otis vs. Johnny Gargano

Otis’ music plays and he walks to the ring with Maximum Male Models.

*Commercial break*

Johnny Gargano’ theme song plays.

The match begins and Otis knocks down Johnny Gargano. Johnny fights back and hits the enzuigiri and superkick. Otis rolls out of the ring. Maxxine motivates. Gargono goes for the suicide dive but is caught and slammed on the announcer’s desk. Mace tries to get involved but Dexter attacks him.

Johnny talks to Maxxine and Otis got upset. This allows him to hit One Final beat for the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Cathy Kelley interviews Paul Heyman who says this is his favorite time of year. He says Cody is going to confront Roman but Cathy reminds him that Cody never says he will confront Roman.

Heyman says Cody will show up and confront Roman Reigns or this Friday Cody will be confronted by Roman Reigns.

*Commercial break*

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Damage CTRL (c) vs. Becky Lynch and Lita

Becky Lynch’s music plays and she comes out. Lita’s theme song plays next and she comes out.

*Commercial break*

Damage CTRL’s music plays and the group make their way to the ring.

The match begins with Lynch and IYO. Lynch knocks down IYO and tags in Lita and IYO tags in Kai. Lita knocks down Kai. She goes for twist of fate but Kai escapes and tags out. Lita tags in Lynch and they attack IYO. Cover! 1…2…kick out.

Becky tags in Lit and they attack Damage CTRL in the corner. Lita goes for the moonsault but IYO rolls out of the way. Becky takes down Damage CTRL.

*Commercial break*

Lynch with a leg drop to Kai. She hits the DDT combo to Damage CTRL. Cover! 1..2…kick out. Lynch hits diamond dust. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Lynch transitions into the disarmher but IYO dropkicks her sending her out of the ring. Lita goes to check on Lynch and IYO attacks her.

IYO hits the moonsault on Lynch. She sends her back into the ring and goes to work on her. IYO with a dropkick on Becky. IYO tags out and they double-team her. Cover! 1..2…kick out.Kai with the scorpion kick. Cover! 1…2..kick out.

Becky fights back and takes down Kai. Becky goes for a tag but Bayley took out Lita. Damage CTRL plant Lynch. Cover! 1…2..kick out. Trish Stratus’ music hit and he comes out and attacks Bayley.

Lynch tags out and Lita attacks IYO. Lita hits the vertigo. Cover! 1…2..kick out. She goes for the moonsault but IYO stops her and attempts the moonsault. Lita hits the twist of fate. Bayley distracts Lita but Trish takes her out. Lita hits the Litasault for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch and Lita (c)

This ends our live coverage of WWE RAW

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