AEW still has a lot of fans, but there is a growing number of people who feel a big disenfranchised with Tony Khan’s company at this point. That being said, he still won Booker of the Year, and that thought is not one Eric Bischoff is ready to entertain.

The Wrestling Observer Awards deemed Tony Khan Booker of the Year for 2022. This decision was panned by critics of AEW, while the company lauded this success with a social media blast.

During 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff spoke about this big win for Tony Khan. He panned the idea of Tony Khan winning such an award, because his company “damn near” imploded last year.

“To suggest that Tony Khan was Booker of the Year, Promoter of the Year when his company damn near imploded last year as a result of the piss poor decisions, immature decisions, and nonsensical decisions that Tony Khan has made last year, is a joke.”


Eric Bischoff then turned his fire to Dave Meltzer, the man behind those awards. Easy E unloaded a bit as he said, “I gotta tell you, he’s a liar, he’s a fraud, he’s a weak-minded person, and he’s been doing it for years,” Bischoff said. “Some people are just seeing it now because things have changed now. We have this thing called podcasts.”

We’ll have to see how Tony Khan’s company continues through 2023, but either way, it will be very interesting to see who wins that award next year.

What’s your take on this award for Tony Khan? Sound off in the comments!

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