Shelton Benjamin and Mia Yim have reputation for picking fights. They resemble one another in many ways and are known to be closely connected to each other. However, recently, Monday Night RAW’s Michin decided to put their friendship to a test by initiating a prank on the former WWE Intercontinental champion.

As they have been the best of enemies for so long, Mia Yim has recently played a huge prank on Shelton Benjamin. The latter pretended to be in jail as a way to test her friendship with Benjamin.

The prank’s creator, Mia Yim, claimed that someone had reported her to the police. This came because she had kicked someone after they had kicked her dog, Stannis, as the story was created by Yim to convince Shelton Benjamin. You can check out her prank on Twitter.

“Let it begin.. Jail Prank on @Sheltyb803.”


First, Shelton Benjamin inquired about Mia Yim’s husband Keith Lee and also claimed he pressed 9 and didn’t even want to talk to her. In the end, Benjamin reluctantly consented to help her get out of jail, but not before making one taking jab by telling her that he would have to go to the Dallas County dog pound to get her.

@officialmiayim Is Shelton real one??? #JailPrank#BenjaYimWars#bestiesCensor Beep Bleep (Version 3) [TV Television Censorship Bleep Out Censored] [Sound Effect] – Finnolia Sound Effects

It’s all love between Mia Yim and Shelton Benjamin, even though they only show it when one of them hacks into the other’s social media, despite the fact that they frequently trade insults and digs at one another. We can truly say that they are odd yet but share one of the closest friendships in WWE.

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