WWE has seen many famous factions make their way through the company. DX stands alone as one of the most popular of all time, and if you’re not down with that we have two words for you: Hardy Boyz. After all, WWE apparently planned for Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy to join the faction at one time.

During the latest “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy revealed that WWE had plans to add him and his brother to D-Generation X. This was also in 1998, during the heyday of the faction.

“Something they pitched is they had an idea and it was creative. This came down from Vince Russo where he wanted myself and Jeff to do pledges for DX. We were into that.”

“You’ll see moments, if you look back in 1998 when we’re in tight, there’s several times, we probably do it for like four or five weeks straight, when we come to the ring, we go up in the corners, and Jeff and I are doing, we do the DX (hand sign). We we’re going to pledge for DX and then eventually kind of like end up being like their lackeys to a degree and pledge with them and then they were going to kind of see where it went, and then maybe we could legitimately like be a part of the DX when it was all said and done.”


Matt Hardy continued to explain that, “That was an idea that Vince Russo had that he wanted to try. Eventually, we did it for like four or five weeks and they said, ‘Okay, enough of that. We’re not going to do this, like, you know, these guys aren’t quite ready, let them do whatever.’ Then it just stopped immediately and was never revisited again.”

The Hardy Boyz never joined DX, but they did meet in the ring. Obviously, this will never happen now that members of DX are busy running WWE and the Hardy Boyz are under contract with Tony Khan’s company.

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Felix Upton

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