Last year, the wrestling world was shocked to learn that Michael Elgin was arrested by Belleville PD for violating his order of protection. The initial police report also listed Elgin as the “ARRESTEE” AND “CHARGES: VIOLATION OF ORDER OF PROTECTION.” The report also stated that the case was “ASSIGNED TO INVESTIGATIONS.” However, at the time, Elgin denied that he was ever arrested. recently reached out to the Belleville PD who stated that they “stand by our report.” was also informed that the case was ” turned over to state’s attorney’s office but no charges were ever filed.”

At the time the news of his alleged arrest spread, Michael Elgin posted a video on YouTube where he denied ever being arrested. In the video, Elgin claims that his ex-fiance “jumped at the opportunity to spread false information online.”

Elgin also added that he argued about a lot of things during the last few days of their relationship and he takes full responsibility for it. Regarding the order of protection, Elgin said that he didn’t go to court because he didn’t want to talk about the relationship and her past.


“You did get an order of protection but an order of protection if you go to court and you fight about it and it gets put in place it’s for two years. Your lawyer contacted my lawyer and said let’s leave it in place for six months and then it will be over. I agreed because I did not want to see you in court and deal with you being upset and seeing you cry and that would have devastated me because I was already broken and I was in a dark place. I was in a dark place for a long time and this is the first time I’ve had some freedom.”

Although the order of protection ended on November 12, the sheriff served him another order of protection on November 18 and he went to court for it on December 7. Elgin claimed that he went to the courthouse with evidence but his ex-fiance didn’t show up and hence, there is no restraining order in place.

Regarding his arrest, Elgin stated that he was not arrested on June 30th since he was in Indiana and not Illinois on that day.

“I told everybody, which nobody believed me of course, that I was taken down to the police station for a wellness check. I asked why they were taking my picture. They said if we don’t take a wellness check seriously, they could be held liable if I hurt myself or if I hurt anybody else. And then they sent me to the hospital and from the hospital, I went to the psych ward and I spent three days there – July 2nd, 3rd and 4th and I was released on the 5th. If I was arrested and I did break the order of protection, that’s a misdemeanor right? So if you go to St. Clair County website and type in Aaron Frobel, December 13, 1986 then you can verify this.”

Elgin then posted a screenshot from a Circle K transaction in Indiana and a screenshot from the St. Clair County website that shows he has zero misdemeanors. He also included another screenshot that shows he was admitted into a medical center on July 2nd.

Now that the case has been turned over to the State Attorney’s Office, we will have to wait and see what transpires next. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story.

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