WWE Hall of Famer Edge was forced to step away from in-ring competition in 2011 due to persistent injuries. At the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble, he triumphantly returned to WWE, and the rest is history. Edge is aware that he will eventually have to retire from wrestling, since he can’t continue doing it indefinitely. Before that happens, his former ally Gangrel wants to come back for a match against the Rated-R superstar.

From October 1998 and July 1999, Gangrel was a part of The Brood with Edge and Christian. A ring of flames on the stage area served as the trio’s entrance into the arena. Also, they would unexpectedly drench their opponents in “blood” before, during, and after matches.

After the alliance ended, Gangrel and Edge went on to become solo competitors. The Rated-R superstar went on to carve out a Hall of Fame career, while Gangrel was not able to match up to that level of success.

After that, the demonic star went on to wrestle for other promotions but recently spoke about a match with his former Brood stablemate. Gangrel discussed the possibility of working with Edge once more during K&S WrestleFest virtual signing.


“To be honest, I would like that one-on-one match with Edge.” 

While Gangrel is still a working wrestler, it has been since late 2007 that he hasn’t competed for WWE. The 54-year-old thinks it would be appropriate if his vampire alter ego met the 11-time world champion for one final time.

“I started there with him, I’d like to finish it with him, the Gangrel character. The vampire character started in Puerto Rico, but Gangrel [in] WWE, what everybody knows me as, I think I would like to do one more match with Edge. That would be cool.”

Gangrel’s last WWE encounter took place on December 10th, 2007, during the 15th-anniversary edition of RAW, where he participated in a 17-man Battle Royal. We will have to wait and see if Edge has something to say as well regarding the match.

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