The pro wrestling community suffered a great loss last month when Jay Briscoe lost his life due to a car accident in the midst of driving his daughters to a cheerleading function. His daughters managed to survive the accident, although it left them hospitalized. It looks like both of his daughters are finally out of the hospital.

It was previously reported that Jay Briscoe’s two daughters, Gracie and Jayleigh, were hospitalized after the crash. Gracie needed surgery on her back in order for her “legs to move again.” After over a month-long fight in the hospital, Gracie and Jayleigh have made it back home.

Jay Briscoe’s widow, Ashley Pugh, took to Facebook to announce that the family is back home. Pugh uploaded a photo of her two daughters in wheelchairs alongside herself and their brother with the following caption.

Got all my babies back together♥️♥️♥️


Following the death of Jay Briscoe, Tony Khan promised to support the Briscoe Family. As a result, Jay Briscoe’s brother Mark Briscoe has been officially signed onto AEW.

As previously reported, a donation page was set up by Briscoe’s family friend for fans to offer their help for the Pugh family. The Pugh family has since raised roughly $350,000 to help for Gracie and Jayleigh’s recovery. We here at Ringside News will continue to pray for their speedy recovery.

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