Frankie Kazarian returned to Impact Wrestling after his trail in AEW ended. It was a big surprise for fans to see Frankie return to the former TNA, and that goes for people behind the scenes as well. It turns out that even the company’s management wasn’t smartened up about the situation.

Gail Kim revealed while speaking with Wrestling News that Frankie Kazarian’s return was kept very close to the vest. Talent did not know he was coming back, and that went for management as well. That being said, it was “very hidden.”

“I can tell the story now that it’s happened. It was kept pretty tightly under wraps. Not many people knew, and when I mean not many people, meaning even in management didn’t know, and yes, he was very hidden.

I have a very close relationship with Frankie and Traci, his wife, because I used to be roommates with them back in the day. So we’re like a big happy family. So I didn’t know Frankie was coming, but even Traci tried to throw me off the day of. So I texted her during the day. I said, ‘When is Frankie getting here?’ She’s like, ‘What do you mean?’ So she totally threw me off. I totally believed that he wasn’t coming to Hard to Kill. Then I saw him doing his promo and that’s when I discovered that he was there that day, and this is me being in the office.”


Frankie Kazarian had a nice run in AEW as part of SCU, a faction that existed before AEW popped up. SCU broke up in AEW and they all went their separate ways. Now, Frankie Kazarian is finding his way outside Tony Khan’s company, and it seems that he started off with quite a surprise.

We’ll have to see what Frankie Kazarian does next. He is no longer The Elite hunter, and now he has a new roster to work with. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

What’s your take on Frankie Kazaian’s Impact Wrestling return?

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