Mia Yim has been one of the most impressive wrestlers over the past few years, and she has been making waves in the business. The WWE Superstar has made a name for herself as a fierce competitor, and she has been dominating her opponents with her signature moves and unique style. However, one person who is not too thrilled with her success is Chelsea Green.

Throughout this week, Chelsea Green has been campaigning on social media for Adam Pearce to include her in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match this Saturday. Green’s desperate cries haven’t sat well with Mia Yim.

Mia Yim took to Twitter to remind Chelsea Green that one doesn’t simply get a spot in the Elimination Chamber for no reason. She tweeted:

“It don’t work like that.”


Chelsea Green, feeling “extremely threatened” by Mia Yim’s tweet, has declared her intentions to file a formal complaint with the WWE management. She tweeted:

“I’m feeling extremely threatened by the tweets of @MiaYim this morning. cc: consider this my formal complaint @WWE I expect you’ll look into this immediately,” 

Chelsea Green was a part of the NXT roster shortly after Mia Yim debuted in the company. Green had high expectations of herself and wanted to make a big impact on the roster, but she struggled to make much of a dent. After seeing Yim’s meteoric rise, Green became increasingly frustrated and felt like her hard work was going unnoticed.

In the past, Chelsea Green made her frustration known on social media and even accused Mia Yim of not paying her dues and taking shortcuts to success. While some of this may be true, more often than not it seems like Green is just uncomfortable with the attention that Yim is receiving. Whatever the case may be, this feud is only going to continue to heat up as both women battle for the spotlight in WWE.

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Saptarshi Sinha

Saptarshi Sinha is a pro-wrestling enthusiast and journalist. He has been covering the industry for over five years, providing in-depth analysis and coverage of the latest events and storylines. In addition to his passion for wrestling, Saptarshi also enjoys perfumery, photography, optometry, and gaming in his free time. He is dedicated to bringing his readers the most accurate and engaging content in the world of professional wrestling.

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