Dominik Mysterio completely reinvented himself following his heel turn at Clash at the Castle premium live event on September 3, 2022. Dom aligned himself with The Judgement Day and developed a kayfabe relationship with Rhea Ripley. The 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble winner prepared for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with Dom as well.

WWE dropped the latest video featuring Dom and Mami on Valentine’s Day. The two went to a restaurant to celebrate the romantic occasion. Dom was told by the restaurant they already had a reservation under the Mysterio name that turned out to be his father and mother.

All @reymysterio wanted was a nice Valentine’s Day dinner with his wife, but once again @RheaRipley_WWE and @DomMysterio35 crashed the party

The Mystrios didn’t want to ruin Dom’s first Valentine’s Day with Mami and left the table in peace for the couple to take over. Dom ordered “most expensive bottle of champagne” as well. After three hours, the young star asked the waiter to put it all under the Mysterio tab. The waiter told him that wasn’t possible. Dom handed his card, but that declined as well.

The date took an unexpected turn after cops showed up. Dom told Rhea Ripley it was a sting operation and left the table in a hurry, forcing Mami to pay the entire bill all by herself. The clip ends with a frustrated Rhea Ripley leaving the table, taking the bottle of champagne with her.

It remains to be seen how will Mami react to ex-con Dom’s latest move. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we will continue to provide you with the latest updates from the world of pro wrestling.

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