The Undertaker sacrificed his body for three decades for the enjoyment of fans, and he became a living legend for a wide variety of reasons. His influence in the pro wrestling industry is unparalleled as well. That being said, he can’t tolerate dumb decisions made by pro wrestlers. It seems even Matt Hardy had heat with The Undertaker over a dumb move.

Back in the 2005 Survivor series event, The Undertaker made a shocking return to catch Randy Orton off-guard. This ended up leading to a huge in-ring brawl which saw the Deadman take out numerous superstars single-handedly.

During that particular brawl, Matt Hardy’s return was supposed to be a surprise. However, he did not behave appropriately during the segment, which drew the ire of The Deadman.

While speaking on the Extreme life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy recalled how his actions on camera got him heat with The Undertaker. Hardy also noted how he was frustrated at not receiving a previously scheduled segment due to a change in plans following Eddie Guerrero’s passing.


“We went out there, we did that and I was planning on powdering out. But there was a part of me, that was just so frustrated, and once again it was my fault, I will be accountable for it. Just when Taker came out I was like laying on the ropes and I didn’t react to him like I should have. Looking back, I was like what a dumb move that was and I was just like mad because I didn’t get my spot, once again, which was very dumb. It was a great lesson for me to learn. Like if you are going to do anything, go all in on it.

Of course, it was all water under the bridge after a few months. The Undertaker is currently enjoying his life after retirement, and that’s all that matters now. As for Matt Hardy, he’s not hard to find as he appears regularly for AEW.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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